Small town charm, world class views

Far from big city bustle, Homer is an eco-tourism destination which offers endless paths of exploration. The town is rich in history, and Homer's various activity clubs allow you to learn new skills and make the most of your permanent vacation. From fishing and hiking to art appreciation and creative dining, there's no end to your adventure.

We take pride in our presence here, and you will quickly recognize the familiar faces around town. These are not just your patients, they are you neighbors.

Author Tom Bodett called Homer “As far as you can go without a passport."

bald eagle perched

There are 24 National Parks in Alaska, including Denali National Park.

star fish

Homer Alaska is best known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World"

fishing boats in harbor

Winter provides many opportunities for adventure with snow machining, tubing, and cross country skiing.

homes with snow falling

Set sail on an ocean cruise where you might see any of the five species of whales that travel the Gulf of Alaska.

otter floating in water

Homer boasts a vibrant Arts community, home to artists such as musician Jewel, writer Tom Bodett and reality stars "The Kilcher Family."

Homer Alaska mountains

Alaska is home to over 130 volcanoes and volcanic fields.

rocks on a beach

The Homer Spit was named one of the best 100 beaches in the United States.

float plane on a lake

Homer is unmatched for wildlife viewing. You will see moose, bears, eagles, and much more here.

moose in the woods

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Living and working in Homer is an experience like no other. If you are thinking about relocating, speak to us about available resources, from housing referrals to transportation recommendations. We invite you to discover more about our beautiful city and what makes living and working in Homer so unique.